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Patrick joined a Native-led, Colorado-based non-profit that is committed to assisting Native American communities to improve economic activity through agriculture, nutrition, and other community-building initiatives. 


Murphy has plenty of Communications/Business/Tribal experience to tap into. Born and raised on the Navajo Nation, his clans are DibeLizhini/Kinyaanii (Blacksheep People maternal clan, Towering House People paternal clan). After he completed his broadcast journalism studies at the University of New Mexico (UNM), he quickly began his career covering the Navajo Nation government for KOB-TV-Farmington. For three years at KTNN-AM- Navajo Nation Broadcast Enterprise in Window Rock, AZ enjoyed producing 


He was the last American reporter to interview U.S. President Bill Clinton at Shiprock, New Mexico in 2000. After hitting the jackpot by meeting his beautiful wife in a Las Vegas, NV casino, they decided to make their home in Albuquerque, where they were both employed at a tribally-owned self-insured risk pool for Indian housing.


After spending a decade serving over 350 tribes/Alaska villages in insurance and risk management, He worked back on the Navajo Nation in clean energy, garnering praise at the first-ever White House Demo Day in 2015 in Washington, D.C.

Patrick also gained customer service experience working for Fortune 500 companies Lockheed Martin, and Apple Support in Albuquerque.

But something was missing in his life, the connection with the Native American community.

He was employed in data collection before the pandemic shutdown. His role at Nielsen allowed him to visit Navajo households in Arizona and New Mexico. He enjoyed also working on Pueblo lands such as Zuni, Laguna, Jemez to name a few.

Patrick is working on a degree in Business Management online and is on the president’s list.

He worked as an electric grip and production assistant in the burgeoning TV & Film industry, here in New Mexico. Murphy has appeared in BG work on: 

  • Preacher (TV Series) 

  • Better Call Saul (TV Series, "Dylan Torres, credit)

  • Graves (TV Series, credited)

  • The Night Shift (TV Series)

  • In Plain Sight (TV Series)

  • Ideal Home

  • Sicario

  • Two Men in Town

  • We're The Millers

His Navajo tribal clans are:

  • Born of the Blacksheep People clan (DibéLizhíní nishlí)

  • For the Towering House People clan (Kinyaa'áanii baashaashchiin) *first Original clan

  • Maternal Grandfather: Bitter Water People clan (Tódích'ii'nii da shicheii) *first original clan

  • Paternal Grandfather: Tree Clamp People clan (Tsín Síkaadnii da shinalí)

The Murphy family are generations of Navajo cowboy ranchers who hail from Fort Wingate, New Mexico on the Navajo Allotted lands.  They received the first Spaniard horses in the canyons of the Zuni Mountains located just south of Fort Wingate, Exit 36 on Interstate 40 just west of the City of Gallup, New Mexico.

His Marianito relatives reside in Churchrock/Pinedale, on the Navajo Nation where his Cheii was Frank Marianito, Navajo Code Talker, United States Marine Corp, Sixth Marine Division, in the Pacific Theatre.


Murphy has hundreds of relatives who reside on the Arizona portion of the reservation North of Exit 357 on Interstate 40, near the New Mexico state line; they live in towns called Klagetoh, Oak Springs, Lupton, Cornfields, Sawmill, & St. Michaels.



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