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Murphy has plenty of Communications/Business/Tribal experience to tap into. Born and raised in the Navajo Nation, his clans are Dibé Lizhíní / Kinyaa'áanii (Black Sheep People maternal clan, Towering House People paternal clan). After he completed his broadcast journalism studies at the University of New Mexico (UNM), he quickly began his career covering the Navajo Nation government for NBC's KOB-TV-Farmington. From 1994-1999, he contributed regularly to the TV Associated Press, Unsolved Mysteries syndicated TV series, the Weather Channel, and NBC news desks at NBC- New York, NBC - Washington, D.C., and NBC - Phoenix.

From 1997-2001 he enjoyed news reporting at radio station KTNN-AM- Navajo Nation Broadcast Enterprise in Window Rock, AZ. Murphy was operating solo, producing the entire news and public affairs programming, on a meager budget.


In April 2000, Murphy gained an exclusive interview with U.S. President Bill Clinton during his presidency, scooping the White House Press Corp (SEE HERE). This on-the-spot interview was made possible by the Shiprock chapter president giving him a ride on a golf cart back to his car, to the U.S. Secret Service agent-in-charge quickly running a background check on Murphy so that he could access the Shiprock H.S. gymnasium where President Clinton was meeting with AmeriCorp participants. He was proud to be the last American journalist to interview the president who faced scandal regarding Monica Lewinsky, the White House intern relationship Clinton was involved in and ultimately impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives. Working in broadcast journalism, it was easy to scoop all the regional newspapers way before Internet technology. He was practicing journalism when there we less than 25% of households without Internet service. In the 1990's, Murphy did use the Internet to send contributed radio stories to the late Native Alaskan journalist Nellie Moore at National Native News - Koahnic Broadcast Corporation, Anchorage, Alaska. He was covering federal Indian policy stories from throughout the Southwest.

But the Window Rock native truly wanted to help his people in communications to help them improve life on the Navajo Nation.

Murphy was instrumental in helping the Navajo Code Talkers of WW2 earn Congressional honors for their valor while serving in the Pacific with fellow United States Marine Corps against the Japanese. He produced all the programming at KTNN-AM 660 to tell the story and solicit public support in Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.

Little did Murphy know his life was about to change for the better.


In 2001, after meeting his beautiful wife in a Las Vegas, NV casino, they decided to make their home in Albuquerque, where they were both employed at a tribally-owned self-insured risk pool for Indian housing. Murphy earned a director's award at a San Francisco film festival for the film, "Amerind: Our History," a success story of Indian Self-Determination, in 2006.


After spending a decade serving over 350 tribes/Alaska villages in insurance and risk management, He started his own company and worked back on the Navajo Nation in clean energy, garnering praise at the first-ever WHITE HOUSE DEMO DAY (SEE HERE) , August 4, 2015 in Washington, D.C.

Patrick also gained customer service experience working for Fortune 500 companies like Lockheed Martin, Verizon Wireless and Apple Support in Albuquerque. During all this time, he had a successful side hustle working as an electric grip, production assistant and production coordinator in the TV/film industry in New Mexico. He loved working for BBC-America, the "Haunting Of" series, Ford and many other productions. He switched gears and started getting in front of the camera.

He was employed in data collection before the pandemic shutdown. His role in television ratings allowed him to visit Navajo households in Arizona and New Mexico. He enjoyed also working on Pueblo lands such as Zuni, Laguna, and Jemez Pueblos bringing nearly $400,000 into Indigenous homes with satellite and OTA TV reception.

He continues to audition for speaking roles in film/TV. Murphy has appeared in background work on: 

  • Preacher (TV Series) 

  • Better Call Saul (TV Series, "Dylan Torres," credit)

  • Graves (TV Series, credited)

  • The Night Shift (TV Series)

  • In Plain Sight (TV Series)

  • Ideal Home

  • Sicario

  • Two Men in Town

  • We're The Millers

His Navajo tribal clans are:

  • Born of the Black Sheep People clan (Dibé Lizhíní nishlí)

  • For the Towering House People clan (Kinyaa'áanii baashaashchiin) *first Original clan

  • Maternal Grandfather: Bitter Water People clan (Tódích'ii'nii da shicheii) *first original clan

  • Paternal Grandfather: Tree Clamp People clan (Tsín Síkaadnii da shinalí)

The Murphy family are generations of Navajo cowboy ranchers who hail from Fort Wingate, New Mexico on Navajo Allotted lands.  They received the first Spaniard horses in the canyons of the Zuni Mountains mastering the majestic animal in less than one generation.

His Marianito relatives reside in Church Rock/Pinedale, on the Navajo Nation where his Cheíí was Frank Marianito, Navajo Code Talker, United States Marine Corp, Sixth Marine Division, in the Pacific Theatre.


He is descended from Hosteen and Kennabah Marianito, Pinedale, NM. Kennabah, it was told, was adopted into the Bitterwater clan at Wheldii (Fort Sumner Apache/Navajo Reservation, NM), a White Mountain Apache infant from Cibeque daats'íí.


Murphy has hundreds of maternal relatives who reside on the Arizona, southern portion of the reservation North of Exit 357 on Interstate 40, near the New Mexico state line; they live in towns called Klagetóh, Oak Springs, Lupton, Cornfields, Sawmill, & St. Michaels.

He is descended from Hubert and Yídithlsbah Silversmith (Smith), Pine Springs, AZ.

Murphy has trust land interests in Apache County and allotted lands in McKinley County.

In a world of so many "pretendians," this is what defines Murphy's Dine identity as a Southern Diné hosteen and Eastern Navajo hósteen!

He is proud of where he grew up in Window Rock, enjoyed graduating from the same high school as his parents in Gallup and now loves living in Albuquerque where his grandparents graduated (survived) from the Indian boarding school, back in the 1920's.

Murphy has no regrets in life. He awakens each day and acknowledges the beauty of morning, keeps happy and enjoys laughter and food. He has fur babies; a Chihuahua, a Boston Terrier and a French Bulldog.

He keeps his fur babies in the house, something his elders would admonish however, he still observes the sacredness of solar eclipses, abstains from eating reptiles, stops if a coyote crosses his path, does not have any tattoos and dozens of other Dine taboos he adheres to. He does not claim to be a traditionalist and no longer practices Catholicism, which he was brought up in, under the Roman Catholic Diocese of Gallup; formerly the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.  

In the 1970's, Murphy, as an alter boy at St. Micheal's Mission church, St. Michaels, Arizona, participated in hundreds of hours of mass celebrations at the first church established on the Navajo Reservation. The beautiful mission church was founded by St. Katharine Drexel in 1898. This church and other churches on the Navajo Reservation under the diocese, were home to some of of the accused Order of Franciscans accused of sexually abusive priests.


He was protected by the songs and prayers of his ancestors.


The religious leaders escaped the court room and were sent to the Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete [ /ˈpærəkliːt/Greek: παράκλητος, romanized: Paráklētos ] is a Latin ChurchCatholic religious congregation of men dedicated to ministry to priests and Brothers with personal difficulties, in New Mexico.  Fr. Lawrence Schreiber, OFM;  Fr. Marcan Hetteberg, OFM (Deceased); Fr. Diego Mazon, OFM (Deceased); Fr. Dennis Fountain, OFM (Deceased); and Fr. Charles "Chuck" Cichanowicz, OFM. Father Bryant Middlestadt is not listed because he did not make the "Credibly Accused" list published by the Gallup Diocese. 

Murphy and his wife and daughter attended the canonization of Pope John Paul II, to sainthood, 27 April 2014, Saint Peter's Square, Vatican City by Pope Francis. On their three week trip to Italy, they visited nearly two dozen churches, historic sites throughout Rome, Venezia and Firenza. 


He will continue to see the bigger picture of life and embrace diversity and inclusion in daily life because every living being, living organism has a right to live, grow and thrive. 




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