Who is Patrick V. Murphy

Lives in Albuquerque, NM. Born on the Navajo Nation, Murphy has worked on production crews in New Mexico & has appeared in BG work on Preacher (TV Series), on Better Call Saul TV Series, in Motion Pictures: Ideal Home, Sicario, Two Men in Town and We're The Millers. Murphy appeared on such TV Series such as Graves, The Night Shift, In Plain Sight.

Murphy does have a connection to the Breaking Bad TV series satellite Navajo reservation Tohajiilee.

He is a voting member of the Tohajiilee Chapter & his Navajo tribal clans are:

  • Born of the Blacksheep People clan (Dibéłzhíní nishlí)

  • For the Towering House People clan (Kiyaa'áanii baashaashchiin)

  • Maternal Grandfather:  Bitter Water People clan (Tódích'ii'nii da shicheii)

  • Paternal Grandfather: Tree Clamp People clan (Tsín Síkaadnii da shinalí)



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